A feeling when talking to certain people.

I have moments that when I’m talking to a good/wise person and I feel as though that will be my last time meeting them.Why is that?Or am i mistaking this feeling for something else?Does this have something to do with the civil war fefe and liam mentioned about, or the ascension?Maybe the ascension is connected to the civil war…maybe it’s the same thing.


3 thoughts on “A feeling when talking to certain people.

  1. Several times, unfortunately, I knew someone was going to die before it happened. I told someone once “you have the look of death on your face” and he died the next day. Also, my mind sometimes feels like its taking photos of places or people so I can remember them later- like hanging onto the moment, the place, the person.

  2. It was always the great characters.The good people. and when you pray for them, they don’t die, but they fall back into darkness,and build up the same karma all over again.Maybe for some it’s best to leave their futures in the hands of the source.

  3. Some use to be drug dealers, and they finally started doing well in their lives, but when you pray that they live longer, they fall back into their old habits again.Maybe that’s why they must go.pretty sad.

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