Spirits communicating through numbers

A few days ago I made a post on ktn about seeing numbers like 11:11, 22,33,44,55 and 66 repeatedly each day.It all started with a job interview that a cousin recommended me to.The number 11:11 meant “keep watch of your thoughts“, i guess because during these times they will manifest much faster.Also, i started to see people I think about most from the past make an actual appearance in my life.My thoughts alone were drawing me to these people.The number 22 meaning “the manifestation of your highest ideals and desires“.The number 33 meaning “manifestation of your deepest desires“.Number 44 meaning “paying close attention to your intuition, inner-wisdom and your life purpose“. The number 55 meaning “making positive life decisions/choices“, which probably meant that I should think way more positively.Now,the whole reason for me posting this is to warn others that during these times, our deepest, most frequent thoughts will begin to manifest.Finally, the number 66, which i was just reminded about, meaning “manifesting your goals, desires, etc“.All those number messages correlate with one another.Toxic people from our past that we can’t seem to forgive could possibly make an appearance into our lives.Think mostly negative, bad things you shall attract, but think more positive, then positive you shall attract.I believe this to be a sign that our thoughts will be more powerful than ever before, as we draw closer to the great awakening.Even I’m trying to change my thoughts to more positive, and I just caught myself.


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  1. Thank you for this. This is just incredible! So, I keep seeing numbers in the times digitally all over all kind of devices. (no 2001 reference), but a LOT of 9:11, and every now and then 7:11 and 8:11. Always 11. Unable to interpret though.

  2. Hi 2atevetwo2, the numbers you are seeing is a clear indication that your vibration is ascending into the 5th dimension. The no 11 is not only a master vibration number, but a number of your twin flame. Don’t be surprised if you connect with your twin flame as it’s vibrational frequency gravitates to 11.11. So when you see 11.11, know that your twin flame is connecting with you energetically, spiritually, and telepathically, even if you haven’t met them in this reality. All the other numbers your seeing are marster vibration numbers as well, and are telling you that your vibration is rising to a much higher level, so as you can ascend into the 5th dimension. The whole earth is going through this now and has been for quite some time A lot of other people are experiencing similar things with numbers. It’s very exciting and positive!. Hope this helps.

    • That is awesome! That did help and thank you. That 5th dimension sounds pretty cool, all I can say is that energy is contagious… Lights going on and off when irritated around groups, etc… The good energy does just the same. The only catch is everyone else realizes it but the person themselves may not… Until those looks come..

  3. that’s good steve!, it’s funny when people don’t realize about the lights going on and off around them i know what you mean lol. I’m glad i could help love n light xox

    • Synchronicity, manifestation of thoughts, irregular sleep patterns,body producing more electricity, and violent dreams. Synchronicity and manifestation are what I’m on now. All the other symptoms have passed.So many changes happening fast.As if we are all being conditioned for something.

  4. yep unified, that’s ascension all right!. I’ve just gone through that part, and now I’m finding my body is changing. I had to go and pick up my new glasses yesterday. When i got there i tried them on, and found they were really blurry, and thought they made a mistake or something. The optometrist, said it was no mistake, and gave me another very in-depth eye test, with imaging machines to check what’s happening at the back of the eyes. The results came back saying that my eyes were changing, and from what he saw they appear to improving, He said the ageing process of my eyes is reversing itself.. I said wtf!. He said he had never seen anything like it, as it was only the week before that he did the original test, and found my eyes getting weaker with age, (I turned 50 in December) He said none of it made sense, as your eyes deteriorate with age. So now he has to make up weaker glasses for me and wants to see me again in a month.. He walked away in amazement, scratching his head lol. You see, When i was born i only had 20% sight in in my left eye and full sight in my right eye, and now the left eye has 50% sight in it and my good eye is getting clearer. The amazing thing about this is this all happened within one week!.I still can’t believe it, but i’m not complaining. :0) How weird is that tho??…

    • Wow, what a miracle!That is amazing.I haven’t noticed any serious changes other than weight because of exercise.There could be changes that I’m unaware of.

  5. SoulConnection7, you said that 11:11 means you’re close to your twin flame?How do you know this?I believe it means you are drawing closer to your life purpose.

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