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Salutations!  This is a blog for select psychics to post visions, dreams, thoughts, feelings and messages for the world.  If you would like to become a psychic for this site please leave a comment or email your request to maryaliciaowen@rocketmail.com or joannelepage@yahoo.com.


15 thoughts on “Welcome to Knowitnext Psychic Predictions

  1. This is Liam from the Know the Next website. I will be saving some of the predictions over from the site within the next couple of days before it goes down forever. I had a feeling it would be taken down as we exposed too much of the truth. The good news here is that we have control over the content published and it can’t be taken down as easily. Fefe and I will assure you all of that. 😉

    I’m looking forward to reading your new predictions, just as I am looking forward to sharing more of mine as well. Best wishes to everyone. 🙂

    • Liam I am so pleased we can be here now. I hope everyone here knows that we are all friends and you and I will create a friendly community of psychics who like to enjoy each other’s visions, dreams, thoughts and comments without competition just unity and a mission to love and share love. xxx You friend forever, Fefelove.

  2. Hi I’m soulconnection7, and can’t wait to post my predictions, thoughts and comments. Great to be here!

    • Glad you are here! I hope all our friends find us. I didn’t have everyone’s emails and there is no way to contact them but this will be more more friendly family type group without the stupid voting and yucko commenters! xxx No competition just friends sharing and helping.

  3. yey!! yep it’s better this way, i was so over all the nasty judgmental ppl on knowthenext the negativity was terrible! Fresh new start yippie!..

  4. Yeah, who WERE some of those people? I am not a psychic..intuitive and have had some strange other worldly things happen to me but….I feel that if someone posts something they dream or feel…who am I to judge?

  5. Actually some mean comment greeted me today but now I don’t have to post them! I only allow my friends to post directly and can delete the psyop comments now before they see the light of day. What a relief. Don’t worry, I won’t even tell you if someone says a meanie thing! xx

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